KNX Simulator 30 days

We have special prices with big discounts for professionals associations from 10 licenses.

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KNX Simulator 30 days

Learn KNX by practising!

100 €

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The validity of these service licences lasts 30 days, which are uninterrupted from the moment you buy it onwards.

KNX Simulator 30 days

We have special prices with excellent discounts for training centres, vocational training centres, universities, etc. from 10 licenses.

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If you buy today (6 june 2023) the license will be active for up to 30 days (6 july 2023).

Simulated functionalities


How many users can be connected to one simulator at the same time?

There can only be one user manipulating the simulator at the same time.

Which are the manufacturers of the simulated devices?

Currently (0.6.8), our KNX virtual devices simulate Jung manufacturer's behaviour, but we will be introducing new manufacturers. Conventional electrical equipment virtual devices are generic, they do not coincide with any specific brand.

What simulated devices will I be able to practise with?

Currently (0.6.8) we have at your disposal: switch actuator - 4 gang, universal dimming actuator - 4 gang, switching/blind actuator - 4 gang, universal push-button - 2 gang, coupler (line, area, repeater), power supplies, switches and standard push switches of one and two gang rockers, power generators, circuit breakers, electrical connectors, light bulbs, blinds (awnings, roller blinds, Venetian blinds, blinds, venting louvre), bus cable and electrical wiring.

Is it possible to uptade KNX Simulator?

Yes, it is. There is a roadmap from the output version 0.5.1 and the updates will be automatic, without additional costs.

Is KNX Simulator compatible with ETS5 software?

Of course! From the perspective of the user, there is practically no difference between a real remote installation and one made with KNX Simulator, so the configuration and commissioning of KNX Simulator virtual devices must be carried out by using ETS5.

Is there a demo of KNX Simulator?

We do not have a demo version at your disposal yet, but you can take a look at our Galery to check all KNX Simulator functionalities.